Namewater soluble bag

Product Description

A special raw material,such as polyvinyl alcohol and starch,polymerize into an environmentally friendly ingredient biodegradable water-soluble bag,mainly used for household and outdoor pet excrement cleaning.Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a vinyl polymer that can be used as carbon source and energy by bacteria. Under the action of bacteria and enzymes, it can degrade 75% at 46 days. It belongs to a kind of biodegradable macromolecule material that can be produce on a large scale from non-petroleum route.


PVA biodegradable material can be completely biodegraded into water and carbon dioxide within 90 days of burial. It does not contain harmful ingredients to human body and environment.


When used, objects with less water content can decompose naturally in wet environment, which will not pollute the ocean.

Thickness: 25 30 35 40 50 um

Water temperature : 70℃

Dissolution time: 2-5 minutes

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